Here’s what you can expect.

1. Training Need Analysis

You will receive a questionnaire which will help us to understand your body type and goals. All that you need to do is answer all questions honestly and leave the rest to us. A comprehensive understanding of your body type and goals is important for us.

2. Customized Weight Training Plan

Considering your body type, daily routine and goals a weight training schedule will be designed. We will be available to guide you over Skype and our video lectures will help you in learning the right technique of doing every exercise that will be a part of your workout schedule.

3. Regular Changes In Your Training

If your body gets used to a particular level and style of muscular stress it will stop responding as it does not feel threatened any more. A continuous and planned change in workout routines is an integral part of an effective weight training schedule to build muscle.

4. Tracking Your Progress

We will need your photographs on regular intervals to check your progress. We measure our performance and effectiveness through the success of our clients. Customer Success is the most important metric for us. We succeed only if our clients achieve their goals.