About Vish

About Vish

Along with being obsessed with his core purpose of Providing fitness training and diet plans that make body transformation an enjoyable experience  Vish2Fit is also obsessed with providing excellent customer service. Vish started his journey as a fat 16 year old who was bullied and teased for his obesity and completely out of shape body

One fine day this 16 year old who was the centre of attraction for the wrong reasons decided to change his life and never looked back. Now Vish is a Level 5 fitness trainer and a chef. He has also won several Natural Body Building competitions at international levels. During this incredible transformation Vish learned that all the fancy workout routines and diet plans that are blindly followed don’t really work. He also learned that an individual doesn’t really need to eat anything that he/she dislikes or do exercises that are boring and too difficult.

About Vish 2 fit
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Vishal is a rare combination of a top class fitness trainer and chef. His mission is to Make staying fit and in top shape a worldwide habit through sustainable and enjoyable routines.

Vishal sees himself in all his clients and he understands what he/she may be going through because of being unfit and out of shape. More importantly he knows exactly what an individual needs to do to achieve the desired body shape.

Through his personal experience and qualifications Vishal knows and believes that it is extremely important to have a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s body type, life style and likes/dislikes in terms of food and exercise before making workout routines and diet plans that will produce the desired results. His guidance will ensure that your desired body shape stays with you and is not just a temporary change.